We work hard every day to be the best provider of Trivia and Music Bingo shows around. We accomplish this by staffing the best people and creating the most engaging games. We host both in person and virtual shows, and our games are always run by a live MC. We can handle any event of any size, and would love to be your first choice for entertainment!


"If you’ve been to a live Trivia show then you understand the concept. However, we’ve taken it to the next level. During each two-hour trivia night our MCs host four cleverly themed trivia question rounds, plus a picture round, and music round. Our animated PowerPoint presentation and smooth tunes played throughout the game, are also guaranteed to keep you entertained. Whether visitors compete for their prizes in teams, or individually, we strive to make it the most engaging and fun Trivia show they’ve ever experienced. We have spent every week for more than six years perfecting our game, and we believe it’s the best!"

Music Bingo

We’ve taken both the fun and the structure of a traditional bingo game, and turned it into a (2hr) DJ'd song quiz event. Rather than pulling balls, we mix songs. Each of our four rounds provides guests a chance to win an awesome prize, and go home feeling like a champion. Feel free to bring your blotter to mark off the song you hear, or revisit your childhood and color your gameboard with our host's crayons! Throughout the years we’ve developed 200+ differently themed playlists that are guaranteed to include some of your favorite songs. If you’re looking for fun musical trivia that will have everyone bopping and singing along, this is it!

Whether it’s a weekly show at your restaurant, a corporate function, or your grandpa’s 97th birthday party, we would love to be your entertainment provider!